Run 750km in a Year Challenge

I have always always enjoyed running but in recent years my weight has crept up and my overall fitness level greatly reduced. So what better way to get in shape than to challenge myself to run 750km (and hopefully more) in one year, and at the same time, help raise some money for the incredible charities Cleenol are partnering with.

750km may not seem a lot at first, but if you break it down it works out to be:

  • 2.05km a day
  • 14.38km a week
  • 61.64km a month

Through rain and shine, shin splints and muscle fatigue, I will hit this target and hopefully go beyond. I’ll be recording my total distance via Strava and will make the data available here.

Current Distance

(Start Date 22nd May 2023)

Hover over, or click, on each segment to view the current stats.

If you’d like to support me, then please consider donating using the donation form below.

  • David donated £15.00
    3 days ago
  • Caroline donated £25.00
    7 days ago
  • Leo donated £15.00
    2 weeks ago
  • Tom donated £25.00
    2 weeks ago
  • Charlotte donated £10.00
    4 months ago
  • Jon donated £100.00
    5 months ago
  • MONIKA donated £10.00
    8 months ago
  • Alex donated £30.14
    8 months ago
  • Sam donated £15.00
    8 months ago
  • Janet donated £15.00
    10 months ago

£341.14 of £500.00
2 weeks to go
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